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Asking for help is the first step.
Sometimes as a small business the hardest step is opening up for help. Meg Keys of MKBK LLC knows this far to well with her 20+ years experience that started at a young age aiding her father's contracting business. Meg has worked with all ranges of companies, in all sorts of industries from weed farm to metal shop to design studios... just to name a few. 

Her approach to helping you is dependent on your needs.  She takes the time to review your systems, listen to what currently frustrates you and where you would like to be in years to come -- even if that's on a bike in the mountain or lofty dreams of being a 1 million dollar company.

Meg also has secret knowledge of the frustrations associated with being a small business owner from not only running MKBK LLC but she also is a pinata maker ... yes, you read that right. Her side hustle is Llaves Designs

Rather be somewhere else than in front of your computer bookkeeping?
Well that's where we come in. We help work with our clients to get their information in order, their needs met and with low interactions so that you can keep site on growing your business or take a break every now and then to smell the roses.
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